Our flagship taximeter has been fitted as OE to LTC vehicles since 1999 and Cygnus have manufactured and supplied over 50,000 units since.

Cygnus MR400 Taxi Meter (Reconditioned)

Bracket Option
Vent Bracket
  • MR400 Taximeter, was voted best UK taximeter for the six years running.

    -Full alphanumeric display with plain language messages
    -Highly accurate internal clock
    -Automatic daylight saving times
    -Full calendar clock control
    -Highly flexible tariff system
    -Time of day, day of week, special holiday dates - all catered for
    -Optional manual over-ride
    -Comprehensive totals management
    -Multi-driver log-on (optional)
    -All totals can be reset (optional passwords)
    -Brightness control
    -Alarm clock feature
    -Speed alarms (2) - gives audible alarm when preset speed is exceeded
    -Pulse check mode (Without Breaking Seals) -Maximum Speed Indication
    -Auto disable - can be set to ‘shut down’ at a preset date
    -Audible sounder (can be turned off)
    -Integral lamp drives (21Watts x 2, 12Watts x 4)
    ·Printer compatible
    -Flexible sealing options
    -’Clip-on’ mounting bracket / wiring harness
    -Voltage: 12V Nominal (9V-16V)
    -Temperature Range: -10° C to +85°C (Operating) -40°C to +85° C (Storage)
    -Power consumption (excluding external lamps or signs): 180mA typical
    - Size: 187mm x 59mm x 30mm





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