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Mini Magnetic Phone Holder

  • Perfect for holding your digital product onto your car dashboard
    Small & Compact size, without blocking your sight and space saving
    Super strong magnetic, easy to put on and take down, safe and convenient to drive
    With antirust ball shaped base and magnetic piece
    Magnetic piece can strongly stick to the antirust ball shaped base and other ferric stuff
    360° rotation, free height and angle adjustment
    Compatible with any mobile device, such as phone, ipad, GPS, etc

    Material: ABS, PC, Aluminum Alloy
    Size: approx. 3.7 x 3cm(Diameter x Height)
    Color optional: Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold
    Installation: Stick And Go
    Application: Fully Compatible
    Fixation Site: Anywhere

    Package Included:
    per pc: 1x/2X Magnetic Car Mount Sticky Stand
                1x /2X Metal Sheet

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