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  Taxi Meters
Taxi Meters We are suppliers of the UK's No1 Taxi Meter, the Cygnus MR400, voted best meter for the 4th year running.
We also provide other taxi meters to suit your requirements including the state of the art HALE Rear View Mirror Taxi Meter. Our workshops also provide support for the not so popular meters.
We stock a wide range of Meter Installation Components and accessories. Check our latest stock for details.

You can also hire a Taxi Meter! In days gone by, people used to hire because they didn't have the money to buy the meter outright but now customers rent to take advantage of the 24 hour back up service. Keeping the vehicle on the road 24/7 .
You know how much it costs to keep your vehicle on the road. To lose a weekends takings, or even more, because you couldn't get your meter fixed is just too much when it only costs £1.99 +v a week to hire one.
  Roof and Top Lights
Roof and Top Lights If you want roof lights, we're the place to come.
We have large stock holdings of all shapes and sizes of lights so we can dispatch yours for next day delivery or you could come in to pick one up. We'll even sign write while you wait.

We will supply the lights vinyled up with letters or graphics ...... or we can supply them blank. Email us with your requirements.

We can also supply you with new letters/numbers when you change firms. See our Letter/Number Strips under Door Signs

You can see our range of colours and some of our fonts
  Door Signs
Door Signs Our sign shop can produce two types of door signs, magnetic backed so they can be taken off and vinyl ' stick on ' which is stuck on the vehicle during its life and taken off with a little heat ( hair dryer will do ) when you want them removed.

The 'stick on vinyl' can be produced in letters only, all pre spaced and ready for application ( the body colour of the vehicle shows through ) or can be produced on a backing sheet of any colour or a clear sheet.
Magnetic signs are produced with a white background as standard, but these can be ordered in any colour of your choice if required.

Both these types can be produced with text and logos in solid colours or full technicolour printing.

You can see our range of colours and some of our fonts

  In Cab CCTV
In Cab CCTV Continuous recording of sound and pictures protects the driver as well as the passenger. They will record fare disputes, what the customer said or suggested to you and confirms what you said to the customer. In the past, in cab CCTV has helped with prosecutions and and saved drivers from false accusations.

They will also do what all the rest do ....... record any attacks.
  Car Alarms
Car Alarms This latest range of compact and modular alarm and immobiliser systems offers the latest insurance approved technology to help protect your vehicle.
  Plate Holders
Plate Holders Not only is it easy and fast to secure your taxi plate to your vehicle with one of these, because there are no holes, it helps you to disguise your taxi as a ' low mileage private car ' when you sell it.
  Card Holders
Card Holders Rather than let your business cards float around and get dirty in your cab, why not keep them in a customized card holder.
These are a good finish to customizing your vehicle or fleet.
  Coin and Note Holders
Coin and Note Holders Keep your hard earned cash organised and together in one of our coin holders.

You can quickly give out change when you can see what you are doing.
  Warning Stickers
Warning Stickers We print all types and sizes of waterproof warning stickers, in house.
If you require some that we don't print at the moment, email us and we'll print them for you and also add them to this forever expanding selection.
  Phone Kits
Phone Kits We can supply you with a latest in-car phone kit.

You could be the one that gets caught holding your phone while driving. Points on your licence, fines ............... can you really afford to carry on, not using a car kit?
Stationery We can supply a range of stationery to make your life easier, but if you want to customize your fleet, why not let us supply some customized receipt pads, job sheets etc.
  Bits and Pieces
Bits and Pieces We are forever expanding our range of products so we can truly call ourselves a 'one stop taxi shop'. Here are some of those odds and ends but if you need something we don't stock, give us a call or email us and we will do our utmost to source them.
...................... Service is the name of our game .............
  First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits First Aid Kits from Single person to Deluxe Version

The Shopping Centre > Taxi Equipment

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