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Several thousand vehicles visit our premises every year and are converted into fully kitted taxi or private hire vehicles.

Our professional automotive installers have worked on almost every vehicle you can think of and treat each vehicle as if it were their own.

If you have an LTI taxi that operates from the taxi ranks or have an S-Class mercedes and wish to target the chauffeur sector, we have the equipment, skills and experience to make your vehicle specialised to your needs.

Taxi Equipment


Products and services we provide for the taxi operator:



  • Taxi Meters - Supply, installation, repairs & spares

  • Custom Tariff construction and editing

  • Taxi Roof Lights - Supply, installation, repairs & spares

  • Taxi Meter Printers

  • Taxi Windscreen Lights

  • Bluetooth Phone Hands Free Kits

  • Taxi Mobile Radios - Complete bespoke systems available

  • Taxi Radio Antennas

  • Taxi Vehicle Wrapping - Our in house signshop can vinyl wrap indvidual panels of your vehicle or even the whole thing!

  • Taxi / Mobile CCTV Systems

  • Vehicle Reversing Sensors

  • Taxi Stationary

  • Business Card Holders - Customer design available

  • Money / Coin / Change holders

  • Additional Interior Lighting

  • First Aid Kits & Fire Extingushers

  • Taxi Plate Holders

  • Customised Stickers

  • Taxi Door Signs

  • Taxi Roof Light Savers

  • Collection Boards

  • Sat Nav / PDA Hardwiring

  • Specialised Mirror Meters

  • Door Open Alert Buzzers

  • Digital Radio Intergrated Dispatch Software

  • Taxi Roof light Conversion to LED

  • Speed Pulse Can Bus Decoder

  • Business Card & Leaflet Printing

  • Artwork Design for signs and branding

  • & Many More!



Radio Relay are experts in taxi and mobile CCTV. Having installed thousands of systems over the years our knowledge and experience is extensive.

In the very early years Radio Relay sold systems such as Cab Eye which used a VCR recorder! The systems have since moved on via hard drive systems and now to advanced solid state systems.

Our latest twin SD CCTV unit provides a high capacity of 128GB (2 x 64GB cards) but with the advanced SSD recording technology. With upto 4 camera inputs and a compact recording unit this is perfect where long term playback is required.

We also provide a single SD CCTV unit which has a max 32GB capacity although playback time is good with 2 cameras if you require more cameras we would recommend our twin SD system. This system does however have many additional features such as GPS recording, Impact sensor, self diagnostics and tiny hide away unit.



What is solid state?


Put simply solid state actually means the units recording system does not have moving parts. This is obviously a lot more reliable than a standard hard drive which comprises of a disc spinning at several thousand RPM that can be written off by a minor impact. During our own testing and upon inspection of systems fitted by others in small vehicles like taxis we have found over an 80% failure rate within the first 18 months.


For further CCTV advice please contact our team on 01273 476456

Taxi Meters


Radio Relay provide taxi meters from two of the worlds top maunfacturers. Cygnus Automotive now formely know as Taxiworld and HALE Electronic manufacturers of the ultimate deluxe mirror meters.


The Cygnus Automotive range -:



High performance, stylish and easy to use taximeter designed for modern saloon vehicles.



MR500 taximeter encased within an interior rear view mirror.



Cygnus' flagship taximeter has been fitted as OE to LTC vehicles since 1999 and Cygnus have manufactured and supplied over 50,000 units since.


The Hale Electronic range -:



The still unrivalled integration and quality of the mirror taximeter is now available in the "second edition". HALE has many years of experience and offers with the SPT-02 the taximeter for the future, setting new standards in performance and quality.

The new mirror taximeter offers all well-known advantages of the SPT-01 and is now available with MID approval for the complete EU.

Now with Bluetooth connectivity! Upgrade with the BTA-FDS Bluetooth adapter and have the cabs trip record data on your android phone or tablet.


The perfect integration

  • Solves the 'where to put it' problem

  • CiA CAN 447 implemented

  • No visible wiring

  • Cable pre-equipment included in Mercedes-Benz taxi package

  • Maintains resale value


The elegant innovation

  • Esthetically pleasing solution

  • Invisible in OFF mode

  • Fare can be easily read from every seat

  • High operation comfort (push buttons with a distinct pressure point)

  • Roof sign status indicator in the display

  • Prescribed For Hire / Hired display


Brilliant mirror technology

  • Automatic luminosity adjustment of meter display

  • Automatic and variable dimming of the mirror glass

  • Prevents dazling from vehicle behind

  • Brillant mirror glass technology with integrated temperature sensors


Modern and future-orientated

  • Complies with the high requirements of the automotive industry

  • Unrivalled low current consumption in sleep mode

  • Extended temperature range (-25°C to +85°C)

  • The employed automotive processor contains a flashable program memory, allowing for in-car upgrades.

Taxi Radio


If you have 2-3 drivers you need to co-ordinate with or if you have a fleet of 100 taxis and require multiple repeater sites, Radio Relay can provide a communication solution for you!

Enquire today and speak to an expert who can guide you to achieving your communication needs.


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