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Taxi and Private Hire CCTV

- AHD 720P Quality

- 5 Camera Inputs

- Live View Monitor Screen Available

- Solid State Recording, No Moving Parts

- Single screw locking plug for each camera

- GPS Recording to maintain exact time / date

- Shut Down Delay Feature (Record after Ignition off)

- 30 days Auto Loop Recording at 720P

- Password protected and Encrypted Storage

Taxi CCTV Recorder

Radio Relay provide commercial grade Taxi CCTV systems. We have been supplying Taxi CCTV for over 25 years, back then traditional video tape recorders were installed in the vehicle!

Technology has moved on considerably since then, we have seen the hard drive recorders come and go, with their unreliability being their main downfall. Our in house testing proved a 90% hard drive failure rate within 18 months! Hard drives contain a needle reading a disc that is constantly spinning at  several thousand RPM, meaning the slightly bump can completely write of the drive.

Since this testing we have only supplied solid state recording systems. No moving parts means maximum reliability. From our in house testing on a sample of over 500 systems our latest recorder has a failure rate of just 0.002%

We now have a top of the range purposefully developed AHD CCTV system for taxi and private hire vehicles. The system has been developed with reliability in mind, a single lead and connector that screw locks for each camera. Twin SD cards with auto loop record. Anti tamper cameras. GPS to maintain exact time / date. With 720P record quality and 30 day minimum playback, this system has everything  you need to cover yourself and protect your job and livelihood.

Some councils have yet to mandate CCTV, we have installed CCTV into licensed vehicles in the following districts, we have yet to find a council requirement that our system can not meet and exceed so if your council is not on the list it is likely our system would also be accepted by yours:

Lewes District Council.png
Taxi CCTV Playback


We recommend professional installation, our system requires a fused ignition power supply and a fused permanent power supply to function correctly. Position the recorder in a safe place, locate the cameras and run the connecting leads. Please see some pictures below of the system components in various vehicles.

Octavia Taxi CCTV Monitor
Insignia Taxi  Camera
Octavia Taxi CCTV Camera
Octavia Taxi CCTV Recorder
I40 Taxi CCTV Recorder

Installers and Resellers

If you are an installer or reseller looking to purchase more than 10 systems or looking to purchase regularly please contact us.

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