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Can-bus Decoder Information

(Controller Area Network)

Why do I need one for my taxi meter to work?


Some vehicles especially high end vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi require a can-bus decoder to be fitted to the vehicle to acquire the vehicles "speed pulse". This speed pulse must be input to the taxi meter so that the meter can determine how much to charge. Without this unit the meter will not function!


But does my taxi meter not know how much to charge from the tariff (rates) that are input?


Unfortunately not, the tariff (rates) are simply a table of fares telling the meter what to charge for a certain yardage or waiting time. The taxi meter needs a speed pulse so that it knows that the vehicle is moving and how much distance it has covered. Without this the meter will charge waiting time only.


So how does a can-bus decoder work?


A can-bus system uses a single pair of wires to send multiple signals. Essentially the majority of the vehicle's systems output signals such as rev counter, speed pulse, reverse signal, indicators etc. can be acquired via the can-bus wires with a decoder.


Surely there is a speed pulse on the back of my speedometer?


This is not always the case, vehicles that use can-bus systems have a decoder built into each component of the car such as the speedometer, stereo, ecu module etc.


So why does my taxi meter not have a can-bus decoder built in?


Every taxi meter manufacturer we are in contact with is in the process of developing meters with a can-bus decoder built in. This may mean that future meters that have canbus decoders built in may cost slightly more.


Are the can-bus decoders you supply vehicle specific, so I will need another decoder when I change vehicle?


No the decoders we supply are not vehicle specific, the can-bus decoders we supply are compatible with over 40 vehicle manufacturers covering 350+ different models!

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