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Digital Radio Information

Digital radio technology has opened up a new world of possibilities for commercial communications. Business users of two way radios can now expect better performance, more productivity, and great value. Apart from their rugged design – two way digital radios deliver 30-40 percent longer battery life than analogue radios; increased coverage; improved calling capacity; and unrivalled clarity. For instance, the Motorola DP4400 and DP4800 portable, digital radios are the perfect choice for multi-site use, construction, manufacturing, and other large and complex sites.

Digtal Two Way Radios
Motorola Digital Radios
  • Crisp clearer audio than analogue radios

  • Upto 40% Longer battery life

  • One to One calls or calls to specific groups

  • Remote disable/stun and remote radio monitoring for security

  • Emergency call for assistance / lone workers

  • Text Messaging (Keypad models)

  • Noise cancelling enabling clear transmissions in noisy environments

  • Migration is easy as digital radios work in both analogue and digital modes, so they can be introduced gradually into an existing fleet if required

  • New software applications are becoming available all the time for use with the digital platform

Digital Audio Coverage

This diagram shows the improved audio quality and coverage obtained by using digital radios. As the radio approaches the edge of its maximum range audio quality is extremely improved over analogue signal. This is due to the radio only sending certain compressed segments of the audio signal. 

Digital two way radio hire
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