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Our expert engineering team provide a wide range of professional services. If you have any special requirements that are not covered by the below subjects but you think would be benefit by our expert advice or skills please contact us.

Two Way Radio Services
Radio Service & Repair

Our engineers can service or repair your existing radio system. From a simple test to specification, to replacing or repairing radios at component level. Our engineers can fix anything that is economically worth fixing!

Antenna Installation

Our antenna installation team come with years of experience , fully insured and offer a professional and safe service. Each installation has bespoke requirements and our team will assess the premises to ensure the best equipment is used for optimal signal strength.

Free Site Surveys

An engineer from our team can assess your site and determine what components your radio system requires to obtain the coverage you need. Please contact us .


Two Way Radio Antenna
Radio Intergration

Need to intergrate an electrical device into your radio system? This is possible!

Certain radios have input and output signals that can be used to operate alarms, warning lights, irrigation systems & many others devices.

Please enquire for details

Equipment Hire

Any of our equipment can be hired for any period of time. Taxi meters have the added benefit of free tariff changes. Radios come with free re-programming. CCTV systems with free footage retrieval. All of these are covered by our 24 hour call out service for your piece of mind!

Repeater Base Stations

Repeater base stations are fixed radio units that receive and repeat a transmission, they expand the options, range, functionally and operation of any radio system. We provide repeater base stations for hire with 24/7 back up cover for emergency faults. 

Radio Systems

We create bespoke systems on your requirements, using all different types of two way radio to construct your perfect system. Intergration software enabling IP interconnect, dispatch systems, job ticket systems, text messaging and much more.

On Site Installation

It is possible for our engineers to come to you to install radio or taxi equipment. This is of course an additional charge.

We would recommend taxi meters are fitted at our workshop so that we can accurately calibrate the meter to our measured mile.

Radio Relay Hire Two Way Radios
24 Hour Call Out

Customer service is our priority. We ensure that we have two engineers on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Should you have a fault and require emergency assistance or advice, call our workshop and you will be provided with a contact number for the relevant engineer.

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