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This kit consists of two L shaped sections one of which is fitted behind the numberplate, the other is used for mounting your taxi plate to. It can be attached to the front or rear vehicle registration plate and provides a 25mm(1") to 150mm(6") step to adjust the offset from the number plate and allow the taxi or private hire plate to clear the vehicle bumper. The VIP plate holders are made of injection moulded plastic measuring 3mm thick making them stronger and more rigid than the Mogo equivalent. Ideal for vehicles with the numberplate located on the bootlid.


VIP Bracket size -

250mm Wide x 100mm High

VIP Taxi Plate Holder

  • Kit contents

    x1 Angle Bracket, multifit
    x7 Nylon Machine Screws, Cheese head, M6 x 15mm
    x7 Nylon Hex Nuts, M6
    x1 Bracket Extension, Bridge, Rigid.
    x3 Nylon Machine Screws, Cheese Head, M6 x 15mm
    x3 Nylon Hex nuts, M6
    x1 Bridge Test Card

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