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The Viking 5M Mirror Meter is currently our most popular taxi meter. With a nice shape and choice of display colour it looks great in any vehicle. With modern vehicles not having many areas to install a classic style taxi meter the Viking 5M is usually the best option.

Viking 5M Mirror Taxi Meter

    • Up to 50 tariffs, with up to 5 up/down lifts per tariff
    • Clock calendar control (with semi-auto and 7 seater options)
    • 3 set of driver accounts, with a PIN for each driver
    • This Taximeter is approved to be used anywhere in Europe
    • Auto shutdown saves power
    • Can display the distance & duration during a fare
    • Printer & Data outputs
    • The PCB is Conformal coated to DEF-STAN 59/47
    • Covers mirror & easily removed
    • Available with red or blue display
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